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Plight of British Yemeni families separated by the war in Yemen

Due to the ongoing war in Yemen and closure of all foreign embassies, the Yemeni Communities Coordinating Council (YCCC) is arranging to submit information to the Home Office about British Yemenis stranded or separated by the war.  Some of the circumstances may be for the following reasons:

the British subject is in Yemen but will not leave without his or her Yemeni spouse who does not have an entry visa to the UK;

a British/ Yemeni couple/ family has been separated because one partner left the country whilst the other was refused entry to another country;

a British subject was out of Yemen when the war broke out and is unable to get his Yemeni partner and/or family out of Yemen.

If you would like your case to be put forward to the Home Office to be considered together with the others that have already been submitted to us, please fill in the simple one page form below.  To print this out, please use the following link to download it in pdf format.  To fill in using MS-Word, please download the file in word format(.docx) and return to your local Yemeni Community Association (YCA) or email the completed form to

Please note: this does not prevent you from using your own means to seek assistance in this matter.  Also, we cannot guarantee any results – only that we will present the cases to the Home Office and urge them to consider the dire humanitarian conditions faced by the people who have applied.

For further information you can contact this number:   +44(0)7722 202999

(.docx) Applicant Information   (PDF)Applicant Information

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