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IYG in the Media

Interviews with Galal and Lubna Maktari, co-founders of the Independent Yemen Group

Filippo Dionigi met Galal Maktari, founder member of the newly established Independent Yemen Group, to discuss with him the events taking place in Yemen during the last two dramatic years, and the non-violence that has given way to factionalism.



Girl brides in Yemen: the fight for the right to say no

Inna Lazareva’s article on girl brides in Yemen was shortlisted for the Guardian International Development Journalism Competition 2012 and includes comment by Lubna Maktari.


You Can Run but You Can’t Hide – by Inna Lazareva

Activists are preparing to charge Yemen’s ex-strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh with crimes against humanity – despite a deal that guarantees him immunity at home.  Independent Yemen Group contributes to this article published by the influential and respected Foreign Policy magazine. … read article on FP website…

In this interview, on 21st February 2012, Galal Maktari appears alongside the respected Yemeni blogger, Atiaf al Wazir, and Yemen analyst Saleem Haddad, to revisit the topic of “Hadi’s One Man Election”

The World This Week, 23rd February 2012, Islam Channel. Galal Maktari, appears in the studio with Dr. Mohammed Qubaty, and Hakim Masmari from Sana’a. Galal argues that Yemen’s problems are not quite as easily resolved as holding a one-candidate election, but looks forward to lasting changes in the future