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Business in Yemen

Yemen has a rich and diverse culture, climate and ecology. From the mountainous regions of the north with its villages hidden above the clouds, to the hot southern coastal regions with miles of white beaches along the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. We seek opportunities to promote our forgotten jewel, and Yemen welcomes businesses which can help build up the prosperity and amenities of the country.  We recognise that at this moment in Yemen’s history, it can seem a bit confusing as to how to set up business in Yemen.  If you are seeking to set up in Yemen, we can advise you on how to find your way through the red-tape, and make best use of the help of our highly rated partner organisations in Yemen.

The DragonBlood Tree

The DragonBlood Tree, a unique native plant of Yemen’s Socotra island in the Indian Ocean

Dealing in Yemen can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time.  Please send us a brief description of what you might like to do in Yemen and we will do our best to advise you of correct procedures or to put you in touch with the right organisation.