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Muslim Charity and YERO Ramadhan distributions 2015


Muslim Charity and YERO Ramadhan distributions 2015.  Huge thanks for all their efforts in this holy month that was so hard for everyone who loves Yemen and its people.


Huge thanks to our partners  Muslim Charity and Yemen Education and Relief Organisation (YERO) for their relief work during the Yemen Crisis.  Muslim Charity have made a very generous donation of £10,000 towards the people of Yemen affected by the war since March 2015, and YERO have done all the hard work on the ground making it happen.  

In Sana’a, YERO had to do all the bartering for the best prices from wholesalers, bringing in the supplies, portioning up the family rations, and carrying out the food distribution to their clients in an orderly manner.  YERO aimed to help 200 families in Sanaa but in fact they have distributed one month’s rations to 268 families to date.

Muslim Charity relies entirely on the generosity of its donors – it accepts no assistance from government departments. It is run by only a handful of staff and they bring in tens of millions of pounds through end user donations.  They are working in all the areas of humanitarian disaster such as Syria, Gaza, Rohingyan, Nepal and now in Yemen too.


For more information on Muslim Charity go to their website: 


Ramadhan 2015.  Food distribution by our partners in Sana’a, YERO

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