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About Independent Yemen Group


Members of Britain’s Yemeni diaspora came together at around the time of the revolution and formed Independent Yemen Group.  IYG consists of mostly (but not exclusively) Yemeni professionals who want to support and promote those who work to improve the lives of people in Yemen.

Our help can be by fund raising, or working on project proposals, consultancy or simply by shouting about their cause and needs to new and different circles.  We are a volunteer-led and self-funded organisation and must work within the financial restrictions that it brings.

In Yemen there are many groups and organisations which work tirelessly for their particular cause and we want to showcase them and highlight the work they do.  Scant resources, high rents and difficult fund raising application forms make national and international grants inaccessible to the majority of them.  Yet they are no less deserving of support than the larger organisations which can attract better trained staff dedicated to this purpose.

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