The Centre For Future Studies - Sana’a 











8 The Centre For Future Studies - Sana’a

Type of Organization :

: Human Rights Activities

Address: Algeria St., Sana a.

Tel. : 01 - 327 250 Fax : 01 - 207 150

Mobile : 73891130

P.O.Box : (11162).

E-mail :

Date of Establishment: 1994.

Geographical Scope of Work and/ or Fields of Interest:

Republic of Yemen. Studies and researches.

Aims & Activities:


- To study the contemporary issues and problems and to present entrenching visions.

- The scientific research in the components for our civilizational progressive project and factors of the civilizational collapse.

- To analyse and criticize our diligent heritage and our intellectual knowledge.

- To recreate and renew sources and methods of thought.

- To pave environments for thoughts and visions to have a dialogue to reach joint conclusions.


- Preparation of researches and studies.

- Holding of seminars and conferences.

- Publishing the centre s periodical magazine.

- Printing and publishing books and thesis.

- Collaboration and coordination with similar centres and institutions inside and abroad.




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