The Yemeni Centre For Strategic Studies & Researches - Sana’a 











10 The Yemeni Centre For Strategic Studies & Researches - Sana’a

Type of Organization :

Human Rights Activities

Address : Abu Bakr Al-Sideq st. , The political Zone , Sana a

Tel. : 01 - 441 770

Fax : 01 - 441 768

P.O.Box: (4032).

E-mail :

Date of Establishment: 27 / 2 / 1996.

Geographical Scope of Work and/ or Fields of Interest:

Republic of Yemen. Development.

Aims & Activities:


- To study the political , economical social and cultural situations in the Republic of Yemen in order to serve the comprehensive development and contribute in strengthening security and independence of Yemen and promoting its foreign relations


- To consider the universal development and variations , their impact on the Arab peninsula , Arab and Islamic world , formation of substantive view on the existing political and ideological environment at the international decision making centres

- To consider the regional and Arabic issues and evaluations and the Arabic - Arabic relations, and Arabic - Islamic relations besides the troubles and hinders that obstruct the track of cooperation, consolidation and integration.

- To study the issues of environment, culture, economy, industry, education, agriculture, water, security, army and commerce.

- To contribute in promoting ways of cultural communication with the various humanitarian cultures.


- Holding of seminars, conferences, meetings and dialogues in order to enrich the scientific research material the centre is collecting.

- Issuing of many publications e.g. : magazines , periodicals and books that serve the centre achieving its aims

- To establish cooperative relation with the similar institutions.

- To adopt the public opinion interviews and study of the public

Opinion attitudes according to deliberated plans and specific programs.




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