The Human Rights Information & Training Centre - Taiz






1 The Human Rights Information & Training Centre - Taiz

Type of Organization :

Human Rights Activities.

Address: Taiz - R. of Yemen.

Tel. : 04 - 216277

Fax : 04 - 216279

P.O.Box : 4535

E-mail :


Responsible Person :

Eizadin Saeed Al-Asbahy.

Date of Establishment : November 1995


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Geographical Scope of Work and/ or Fields of Interest:

Republic of Yemen and the Arab world.

Aims & Activities:


- The Centre specialized in disseminating awareness on human rights through the training workshops, intellectual meetings, office archives, publications and periodical bulletin.

- To this end, the centre adopts scientific and educational programs including training seminars and workshops for the human rights activists and the specialized groups in the society e.g.: teachers, doctors , lawyers and members of human rights organizations . The Centre holds academic conferences and seminars, provides library and scientific services for researchers in human rights field besides publication of literature, pamphlets and periodical newsletter aiming to promote awareness on human rights and spreading of the general principles, complying with the deep-rooted standards of the intellectual, scientific and educational morals.

- The Centre cooperates with the public and intellectual corporations and organizations concerned in human rights and engage in the same activity and scope based on complete equality , impartiality and neutrality in political issues since the centre is an independent body , entering no political activity and does not organize to any political authority whether local, Arabic , international or any other bodies that may negatively influence on the impartial scientific method being used in its activities


- Training and Rehabilitation: A great program includes specialized training activities for the society active groups such as: The Police, Journalists, Judges, prison official and NGO s. The centre holds annual Arabic Workshop for the human rights activists since 2001, joined by activists from the various Arab states.

- Publishing of a periodical newsletter (Our Rights) in English and Arabic.

- The Book series (The centre publishes a series of a periodical book rating four issues a year (So for eleven various titles were issued).

- A program on the legal assistance and judiciary support for women in prisons, victims of violence and juveniles along with the legal guidance through support committees for all those needed such assistance.

- The social integration program aims to integrate the society marginalized groups through education, knowledge services and raise of awareness and abilities.

The Centre has a special building and school inside Taiz city (Al-Amal School).

- The program on raising women political participation where the centre presented many workshops, publications and seminars to raise the level of their participation.

- The specialized legal library: the 1st specialized library in Yemen, contains about three thousand titles on human rights, most of them are various Arabic books and periodicals.

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