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IYG Activities

IYG has organised and/ or participated in many activities since it was formed – here we mention some of them.   134 March 2013: Oral Histories workshop for London’s Yemeni community, and promotion of cultural event “Last of the Dictionary Men” at London’s Mosaic Rooms. The film producer, Tina Gharavi (standing on left), directs the interactive workshop which saw members of London’s Yemeni diaspora get together in a round table discussion on what it means to be a Yemeni in London.

Members of the Yemeni diaspora and friends and officials of Yemen got together to celebrate one evening at the House of Commons. 083March 2013: Festival of Yemen meeting On a freezing cold evening in March 2013, the Festival of Yemen announcement was held in the Members’ Dining Room at the House of Commons, Palace of Westminster.  This was very well attended by members of the UK’s Yemeni diaspora as well as by British and Yemeni officials. His Excellency Dr Abdullah al Radhi, London’s ambassador to Yemen, addressed the audience as did the Hon. Alan Duncan MP, Minister for International Development and the Hon. Keith Vaz, MP, chair of the All-Party Commons Committee on Yemen.  Also in attendance was Britain’s deputy Ambassador to Yemen and the event’s sponsor.


noqat12 January 2012: support of Hind al Iriyani’s remarkable and astonishingly brave head-on collision with the hardcore qat-chewers – First NoQat Day in Yemen campaign.

          The Arab Uprisings, POSTER February 2012: Oxford Arab Spring conference at which there were two fascinating speakers who stood out from the rest – Atiaf Alwazir, whose writings were by then well known and Fateema Abuidrees, an inspiring young Bahraini who had been heavily involved in the uprisings in her own country but was not a particularly experienced activist.           yrdfLogo March 2012: Inauguration of Yemen Relief and Development Forum May 2012:  Humanitarian Forum conference in May in Cairo July 2012: Ramadhan Appeal from YRDF September 2012: Hungry4Change campaign     October 2012: * Liverpool 8 findings from Black and Minority Ethnic groups (BAME) study into mental health Start of research into British Yemeni women’s attitudes to marriage and education  Dolls 4 Child Brides – click here for further information on this initiative. DSCN4672

March 2011 onwards Various demonstrations in London, Downing Street, Yemen Embassy and Trafalgar Square londondemo July 2011 yemenaidYemen Aid ships over 20 tonnes of medicines, non-perishable foodstuffs, bedding and clothes. All carried out and donated by volunteers throughout the United Kingdom trying to help their families and people back in Yemen during the very difficult times of the Revolution.       foodcrisis silencekills

October 2011  

Support of #SUPPORTYEMEN’s campaigns to break the silence about Yemen’s revolution and start addressing the food crisis that was unfolding in Yemen, the consequences of which are very apparent today.   tkDecember 2011  TAWAKKOL KARMAN VISITS UNITED KINGDOM. Independent Yemen Group co-hosts and arranges the schedule and press engagements for Tawakkol Karman’s visit to UK, shortly after receiving the nobel peace prize for 2011.